Spring Forward

Spring Forward

We lose an hour of sleep this weekend, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice to gain lighter evenings for the next half year!  Spring Daylight Savings always feels like a sigh of relief as the winter is coming to an end and the beauty of Spring is upon us.  Tobi Fairley chose this day as inspiration for her 2012 Holiday House room and captured it perfectly.

Entering Fairley’s Holiday House sitting room felt like taking a breath of fresh Spring air.  It was light and feminine but also grounded by deep black elements, such as the Merida Meridian black wool and sisal rug.  One of the finishing touches, a bouquet of pale pink peonies, was so simple but made everyone forget that it was November!

The always clever and fun Fairley didn’t stop at one theme, but also connected the room to the idea of being “Fashion Forward.”  In her own words, “The inspiration is truly Spring Forward and Fashion Forward: the idea of couture details that you would see in Fashion paired with a Spring Palette for a soft, sophisticated and timeless look.”  The black and white design of the Phillip Jeffries wallpaper is reflected on the curtains with custom embroidery by Villa Savoia.  Additional stylish black and white elements include black grograin detailing on a white settee, expressive black and white artwork by Kansas City artist Jane Booth, and lovely black double sconces from Dunes and Duchess.

Tobi Spring Forward_!
In addition to her interior design talent, Fairley is also the consummate hostess.  For our Holiday House Cookbook, she contributed a Kiwi Mango Mint cocktail recipe that “is screaming sunshine and freshness, making it perfect for Spring and Summer parties and patio brunches.”

1 part 42 Below Kiwi Vodka
5 parts mango nectar/juice
8 mint leaves

Fill a highball glass with ice
Add mint leaves and vodka
Top with nectar/juice

Tobi’s tip: releasing the mint into a dash of the nectar via a short muddling is worth a little extra work!

Tobi Fairley was invited to participate in Holiday House by sponsor Traditional Home.  Most of the furniture in her room was from Hickory Chair with fabrics from Schumacher and Duralee.

Photography by Michael Rodenbush