May the Forest Be With You

May the Forest Be With You

After a whirlwind month and a half of being part of Holiday House 2015, we continue to be inspired by Arbor Day, a day reserved for celebrating the importance and care of trees.

For Holiday House, we took on the challenge of transforming the bland second story hallway and vestibule into a bold, captivating corridor leading into a sensory meditation space. We brought Arbor Day to life by choosing pieces that represented nature and reflection.

We wanted to transform these spaces that are typically neutral or monochromatic segues or an afterthought to the main rooms of the home. We used a layering of pattern on pattern and pops of color to add personality to these otherwise overlooked spaces.


In keeping with the Arbor Day theme, we incorporated floral wallcoverings from our Paper Muse collection for York Wallcovering. The hallway was accented with a feature wall of Stacy Garcia’s Aquarella pattern in beautiful shades of green; reminiscent of a tree in full bloom during the Spring. The feature wall was paired with textured grass cloth wall covering on the opposite side, and our Wild Poppies velvet flock floral on the ceiling dome.


The use of these three different, but complementary wall treatments, demonstrates how pattern and texture can be layered to create depth and dimension. The wallpapers also serve as an inexpensive way to give character to a small space. There is no need to add art pieces since the gorgeous patterns of the paper become the art.


Caption: Aquarella, Stacy Garcia | New York Paper Muse Collection

Design elements also include a light fixture from Aurora Vitrum, called Polaire, that is composed of bubbled glass with a brass finish, adding a contemporary yet organic feel to the space.

We livened up the hallway, as well as the vestibule, with a striking, custom-made wood flooring comprised of several different shades of green, with hints of aqua and black, and layered into a herringbone pattern. Sparing no expense on attention to detail, each board was hand painted and wire brushed by West Flooring to accent the natural characteristics of the wood. 


We redesigned the vestibule area into a hidden art gallery, a place of inspiration. It is always a pleasant surprise to discover those unexpected nooks and crannies in a home, and this was definitely one of those spaces. We curated a gallery to include art pieces that tie into the Arbor Day theme. The gallery was decorated with a neon art piece that says “flower shop” and some original artwork that artistically simulates natural elements. We illuminated the gallery with a contemporary lighting fixture from Billy Cotton called, 5 Stick Pick Up, that is reminiscent of a tree branch. The room also features Gold Leaf Log Stools from Phillips Collection.

We were able to transform the space and provide visitors with a complete sensory experience when entering the gallery. The meditation space incorporated touch, scent, sight and sounds. These elements allow you to fully experience the beauty around you. We wanted to bring nature indoors with the different components of art, design and color by designing an area that invokes the tranquility of nature.

Not only did our team conquer the design challenge, but also met the goal of raising money for both Mission in Pink with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well as, the Arbor Day Foundation. Above and beyond the donations to be involved in Holiday House, we raised $5,000 for Mission in Pink and through our social media campaign alone, we were able to plant 50 trees for the Arbor Day Foundation.

National Arbor Day is April 29th, we encourage all to plant some trees!

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