Tropical Getaway

For those traveling over Spring break, may you bask in the sun somewhere breathtaking.  And for those staying at home, we bring you tropical inspiration from past Holiday Houses to warm your thoughts and help you say a definitive good-bye to winter!

In November 2014, Gary McBournie transported us to a Caribbean isle with his vibrant room for Holiday House NYC, which was entirely tented in striped fabric from Gary’s own resort-inspired line for Antilles Designs.

Design: Gary McBournie Inc. Photo: Alan Barry Photography.

Bamboo furnishings, tropical plants, coral and even a fireplace full of conch shells made the NYC winter seem thousands of miles away.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.51.14 PM
Gary McBournie’s clever fireplace styling. Photo: Decor Arts Now blog.

For Leslie Banker of Pamela Banker Associates‘ room in Holiday House NYC 2014, the theme may have been New Year’s Eve but the Clarence House “Lyford Key” wallpaper screamed island vacation!

Design: Pamela Banker Associates. Photo: Alan Barry Photography.

At Holiday House Hamptons in 2014, Scott Formby created an “Poolhouse Lounge” inspired by Europeans’ relaxing August holidays.  An evocative, large-scale painting of palm trees brought a little of the tropics to the Hamptons.

Design: Scott Formby. Photo: Rikki Snyder.

Wherever you may be, enjoy the Spring holidays and toast the tropics with a favorite of Gary McBournie’s:

“Pants Off Punch”

Gary’s friend entertainologist Lulu Powers shared this drink recipe that captures the free-spirited fun of a Carribean holiday.


  • 3 cups pineapple juice
  • 1 cup fresh orange juice
  • 1 bottle dry champagne
  • 3 cups Malibu rum


Combine and away you go ….



Spring Awakening

To say it has been a long winter would be an understatement.  The weather forecast for the first day of Spring even includes snow flurries, but all those daffodil leaves bravely poking through the ground give us hope that beautiful weather is just around the corner.


To get us in the mood, we are celebrating the Spring Equinox by reflecting on inspired displays of flowers – both real and artistic interpretations – in past Holiday House design spaces.

For Holiday House Hamptons in 2014, Campion Platt infused his master bedroom with an exuberant, feminine feel by having de Gournay‘s oversized lilies (‘Lilium’ on Custom Cream Edo painted silk) dance over the headboard, which was upholstered in a fresh, green fabric from Beacon Hill.

Photo by Peter Dressel.

Jennifer Duneier‘s 2011 Easter themed room for Holiday House NYC was also inspired by the season of rebirth.  Traditional Home said, “The pink tones of the flower photograph reference the symbols of Spring in an elegant, sophisticated way.”  Vases by Lladro and a custom designed chair brought to life by Avery Boardman also reflect the floral forms while the geometric “Kikko Trellis” wall covering by Osborne & Little plays the support that holds them up.

For her “Spring Forward” room in 2012, Tobi Fairley gathered delicate pinks in the peonies, furnishings, art and accessories to represent the Spring spirit, which seems to float gently on top of the strong black and white background.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.19.30 PM
Photo from Tobi Fairley’s blog.

Laura Krey brought even more of Spring to our winter show house in 2014 with this exquisite wall installation of porcelain flowers by Brooklyn-based artist Syra Gomez, which were scattered across Farrow & Ball‘s bird-like Yukutori wallpaper.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.16.50 PM
Photo from York Avenue blog.

In 2013, J+G Design breathed some fresh air onto the grand marble stair landing of the early 20th century mansion that houses Holiday House NYC with custom Fromental panels featuring flowering, bird-filled trees.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.28.04 PM copy
Photo from J+G Design’s blog.

Honoring Holiday House NYC’s first year benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 2012, we were thrilled to exhibit the artwork of BCRF founder Evelyn Lauder, much of which was inspired by Spring’s floral bounty.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.36.22 PM
Photo by Evelyn H. Lauder.

And now to get you even more in the mood for the season (or to forget about the possible snow!), here is a refreshing cocktail suggestion, courtesy of Campion Platt:

*Spring Awakening Cocktail* 

Gin, Lillet and citrus pop on the palate in this refreshing cocktail from Drink. Well. In Austin.

3/4 oz. gin
3/4 oz. Lillet Rouge
3/4 oz. Paula’s Texas Lemon (or substitute triple sec)
3/4 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
Absinthe (for rinsing the glass)
Tools: shaker, strainer, fine strainer
Glass: coupe

Rinse a chilled coupe with absinthe. In a shaker, combine the remaining four ingredients, shake with ice and fine-strain into absinthe-rinsed coupe.

Beautiful Inside and Out

In honor of International Women’s Day this weekend, we are celebrating some of the women who inspire us.

For Holiday House NYC 2014, founder Iris Dankner enlisted celebrity portrait photographer Francis Hills to take a series of stunning nude photographs of breast cancer survivors, which became the “Heart of the House” exhibition in the event’s center courtyard.

Photographer Francis Hills (right) poses with the beautiful and brave Clothing Immaterial models.

These new images are part of Hills’ decade long “Clothing Immaterial” project for which he has compiled hundreds of images of men and women, often models, actors and other celebrities, who have bared all in order to “raise their hand” in support of breast cancer awareness.

HH-Portraits copy
View of the “Heart of the House” exhibit.

The series for Holiday House NYC is a special part of this project because all of the women are breast cancer survivors. They are mothers, artists, businesswomen, activists, who all have their own personal experience with the disease.

It was a powerful experience for them to show and celebrate their bodies in front of the lights and camera. Hills said of the women, “They are all incredibly brave and incredibly beautiful. The scars are really only surface. It’s what inside that counts. I tried to allow them to be themselves in front of the camera and to show them how incredibly beautiful they are.”

During the 2014 showhouse, Champagne Joy, one the gorgeous “Clothing Immaterial” models, held a party to celebrate the exhibit and her #Cancerland initiative, which is both a television documentary and a breast cancer charity that creates a support group of survivors to make sure that other women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer do not feel alone as they navigate treatment and life with the disease.

Michelle Schoenfeld and Champagne Joy with Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson and a group photo of some of the models.

All proceeds from Holiday House benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and another primary objective of the showhouse has also always been to raise awareness about the disease and build support for survivors and their loved ones.

“To me, the exhibition was really about hope and strength. Breast cancer is no longer a death sentence. The “Heart of the House” showed women that after fighting cancer, you don’t just survive– you thrive!” said Iris Dankner.

Sponsor ibuydesign created this video of the #Cancerland party and it really shows the spirit the showhouse and the “Heart of the House” as well.

Love is in the Air

We are touched by the inspiration and warmth that fills Holiday House each year, and it was so special to have two of our remarkable designers celebrate their love for their partners at the showhouse.

Gentet Carpenter Wedding
Guillaume Gentet and David Carpenter at their 2013 Wedding Ceremony. Photo credit: Christopher Goodney

There wasn’t a dry eye when Guillaume Gentet and David Carpenter held their wedding ceremony in the courtyard their firm Decor by Guillaume Gentet designed for Holiday House NYC 2013.

To make it even sweeter, they returned in 2014 to create a “Honeymoon in Paris” suite that celebrated their anniversary and paid homage to their holiday in the City of Love.

Their inspiration was Paris’ famed Hotel de Crillon, and the centerpiece for the room was a romantic bed enveloped in luxurious Robert Allen fabrics and embroidered sheets of Gentet’s own design. The exquisite, hand-painted Farrow & Ball wallpaper that graced the walls was a replica of historic wallpaper found at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and artwork by Chesley McLaren punctuated the space with whimsy and a nod to fashion.

Décor by Guillaume Gentet's "Honeymoon in Paris" design for Holiday House NYC 2014. Photo credit:
Décor by Guillaume Gentet’s “Honeymoon in Paris” design for Holiday House NYC 2014. Photo credit: Alan Barry Photography.

In yet another romantic Holiday House story, our loyal designer and supporter Ally Coulter met her now husband Eric Vincent in her room at Holiday House 2012.

Eric Vincent and Ally Coulter at Holiday House NYC 2014. Photo credit:
Eric Vincent and Ally Coulter at Holiday House NYC 2014. Photo credit: Annie Watt Photography.

They celebrated their recent nuptials with a chic party in Ally Coulter Designs’ “Roman Holiday” space at the 2014 Holiday House NYC. Sexy furnishings by FENDI Casa and an stunning mix of artwork, from Italian Baroque masters to Robert Farber’s evocative contemporary work, made a perfect setting for the festivities.

Ally Coulter Designs’ “Roman Holiday” space for Holiday House NYC 2014. Photo credit: Alan Barry Photography.
Photo credit: Miguel Dominquez
Photo credit: Miguel Dominquez

Of course, there was also the red Vespa and Pallini limoncello for all!

On this Valentine’s Day, we wish Guillaume and David, Ally and Eric, and all of our supporters much love and happiness.

We can’t wait to see who will be hit by Cupid’s arrow next at Holiday House 2015!

To get you in the mood for love, below are some spicy and sweet recipes that Ally and Guillaume have shared with us.


Penne Arrabiata, provided by Ally Coulter


  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1 (28 ounce) can diced tomatoes, in sauce
  • 1 teaspoon crushed dried red chili
  • 2 teaspoons dried basil, more if using fresh
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • 1 lb dry penne pasta
  • 1/2 cup finely grated pecorino romano cheese, plus
  • extra finely grated pecorino romano cheese, for serving


  1. Put oil in a heavy saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Add garlic and cook for 5 minutes until beginning to turn golden, careful not to burn.
  3. Reduce heat to medium low.
  4. Add chili and stir.
  5. Add tomatoes and sauce and stir.
  6. Bring salted water to boil in a large saucepan.
  7. Cook sauce for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  8. Add penne to boiling water and cook until al dente.
  9. Strain pasta.
  10. Push sauce through moulie or meshed strainer into saucepan with the back of a spoon getting as much through as you can.
  11. Heat and add 1/2 cup of pecorino cheese.
  12. Taste for seasoning, add basil and pepper.
  13. Add cooked penne and toss.
  14. Serve hot with extra pecorino cheese at the table.


Strawberry & White Chocolate Mille Feuille (c/o Gordon Ramsey) – provided by Decor by Guillaume Gentet


  • plain flour for dusting
  • 3 tbsp caster sugar, plus extra for serving
  • 350g puff pastry
  • 300 ml double cream
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 600g strawberries
  • small bunch of basil, leaves picked, with a few of the smaller leaves left whole for the salad
  • zest ½ lemon
  • 50g good-quality white chocolate


Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. On a lightly floured surface scattered with a little sugar, roll out the pastry to a rectangle slightly larger than 28 x 30cm. Line a large baking sheet with baking parchment and scatter with more sugar. Use the rolling pin to lift the pastry onto the baking parchment.

Scatter more caster sugar over the pastry and cover with another sheet of baking parchment. Lay another heavy baking sheet (or a baking sheet weighed down with an empty ceramic oven dish if yours aren’t heavy) on top and bake for 25-30 mins until the pastry is golden and crisp, then set aside to cool.

To make the filling, tip the cream into a bowl with 3 tbsp of sugar, and the vanilla seeds. Lightly whisk until the cream just hold its shape and set aside. Hull and quarter the strawberries and set a few aside for the salad, then cut the rest into 3 or 4 chunks. Finely shred the basil, then fold through the cream with the chopped strawberries and lemon zest, then chill until needed.

When the pastry has cooled completely trim the edges to form a neat 28 x 30cm rectangle. Cut into 3 equal rectangles – to get them precisely the same size, cut one then lay it on the rest of the pastry and use it as a guide to the next rectangle, then repeat.

To assemble the mille feuille, lay down one rectangle of pastry, add half of the cream and strawberry mix and flatten with the back of a spoon. Place the second pastry layer on top and gently press down. Finely grate over half the white chocolate and top with the remaining cream mix. Place the final layer of pastry on and press down gently so that the filling just starts to bulge over the edges.

Use a palette knife to smooth the filling along the sides so that it is level with the edges of pastry and fills any gaps. Add a smear of filling across cut pastry edges to help the grated chocolate to stick. Grate chocolate on top. The easiest way to get grated chocolate to stick to the sides is to help it on with a palette knife. Mix the reserved strawberries and the small basil leaves to make a simple salad.

To serve, carefully slice the mille feuille into 6 equal pieces. As you slice, hold the mille feuille together by placing a finger at either side of the blade. Place a piece of mille feuille to the side of each plate. Spoon a small pile of strawberry salad on the opposite side of the plate and serve.


Winter Wonderland

After winter storm Juno blanketed New York City this week, we couldn’t help but think about some of our favorite winter inspired rooms from Holiday House in recent years.

Darrin Varden Design’s “Winter Solstice” for Holiday House NYC 2013 is the perfect place to hunker down during a storm with a Manhattan in hand (recipe for Darrin’s Winter Solstice Manhattan is below).

Photo Courtesy: Paul Domzal
Photo Courtesy: Paul Domzal

Varden eschewed classic winter white and instead embraced a deep, rich palette with Benjamin Moore’s Galapagos Blue on the walls and dark custom finishes by Christophe Pourny Ltd.  A large-scale artwork by Angelo Musco captivated visitors with its swirling patterns that, at first glance, looked aquatic but revealed gracefully intertwined human figures at closer look. Topping off the evocative design was a Roll & Hill antler chandelier that brought the outdoors inside this cozy, sexy space perfectly designed for the coldest time of year.

Photo Courtesy: Paul Domzal
Photo Courtesy: Paul Domzal

For Holiday House NYC 2014, Noelia Inbánez of ByNoelia was also inspired by the “Winter Solstice” but went a different direction with her palette of bright whites and sparkling metallic elements that symbolize the fact that days are now getting longer.

Photo Courtesy: Alan Barry
Photo Courtesy: Alan Barry

Her luxurious kitchenette was a secret retreat off the master bedroom with a wine cooler stocked with champagne, a wet bar, an espresso maker and a microwave, making it the perfect haven for a snow day. Decked out with floor-to-ceiling Gaggenau appliances and Scavolini cabinetry and softened by a Patterson, Flynn & Martin furry area rug, this space oozes luxury.

The stunning Élitis wallpaper, cleverly placed on the ceiling, allows you to gaze at the stars without leaving the comfort of your cozy home!

Photo Courtesy: Alan Barry
Photo Courtesy: Alan Barry

Noelia shared a recipe for Socarrat Paella Bar’s famous garlic soup (below) to warm you up while we wait for warmer weather!

Winter Solstice Manhattan

Step 1) Make Vanilla-Infused Bourbon:

Split a whole Tahitian vanilla bean pod and place the split pod into a full bottle of high quality Bourbon. Close the bottle and let steep at least 48 hours but up to a week and remove the pod.

Step 2) For each cocktail, add to a shaker:

  • 2 oz vanilla-infused bourbon
  • ½ oz black cherry bourbon (Jim Beam Red Stag) or vanilla cognac (Navan)
  • 2 dashes cherry bitters
  • Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass or champagne coupe. Garnish with Morello cherries.

Sources for rare Ingredients:

  • Tahitian Vanilla Beans: Euro Vanille Tahitensis via L’Epicerie.
  • Morello Cherries in Kirsch: Griottines via


Sopa de Ajo: Garlic Soup from Socarrat Paella Bar 


  • Extra virgin olive oil – 6 soup spoons
  • Sliced garlic – 4 cloves
  • Old bread or country bread – 6 oz.
  • Chicken Broth – 16 oz.
  • Spanish sweet paprika – 1 tea spoon
  • Sea salt – a pinch
  • Eggs–4


  1. Poor the olive oil in a medium size casserole, sauté the garlic at a medium flame for a minute or two.
  2. Add the Spanish sweet paprika and stir it for a second.
  3. Add the bread.
  4. Add the chicken broth. It has to be already hot.
  5. Let it boil for a minute or two.
  6. Add salt according to taste.
  7. Break the eggs in a separate cup and add them to the casserole one at the time.
  8. Let it simmer for 3 to 4 minutes or until the eggs are done. Be aware of not 
overcooking the eggs or leaving runny yolk.
  9. Serve the soup in 4 different bowls



Festival of Lights

In honor of Hanukkah, the “Festival of Lights,” which began this evening at sundown, we have highlighted some of the stunning light fixtures featured throughout Holiday House NYC on our Instagram account.

Since Hanukkah’s Menorah has nine branches, for the eight days of the holiday and one to light the others, here are nine shining lights from this year’s Holiday House.   There are so many more to see at the showhouse, which runs through this Sunday, December 21, at 2 East 63rd Street in Manhattan.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see the outstanding work of 23 top interior designers while supporting the important work of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  And follow @HolidayHouseNY on Instragram to see more exquisite details!

Midcentury fixture from Eleish van Breems Antiques in the Lillian August room.
Agnes chandelier from Roland Hill of Brooklyn is in Linherr Hollingsworth’s space.
Ingenious installation of Baroncelli light fixtures in Michael Tavano’s room.
Milan chandelier by Fuse Lighting with Farrow & Ball wallpaper.
This glamorous sconce in Taylor Hannah Architects’ room is from ABC Carpet & Home.
Louis Navarrete’s design features the light sculpture “Hello Sailor.”
HH NI photo
Starburst fixture lights up the starry ceiling in Noelia Ibanez’s room.
HH NK photos
CF Modern fixture from 1stdibs lights up Natalie Kraiem Interiors’ space.
Midcentury Italian ceiling fixture from Le Lampade in Kapito Muller’s room.

Sparkle and Spirit of the Season

The grand parlor of Holiday House NYC is glittering with a stunning collaboration between Baccarat and Amy Lau Design inspired by the Galleries de Glaces at Versailles.

Photo Credit: Richard Caden
“It is an honor for Baccarat to be a part of the Holiday House and to support the BreastCancer Research Foundation,” said Michelle Klein, President and CEO for Baccarat Americas, “The extremely talented Amy Lau’s vision and flawless execution of the Baccarat lifestyle in all of its splendor is the culmination of a year filled with celebrations for our historical 250th anniversary.”


The Baccarat flagship showroom in the Decoration & Design Building (D&D) led by Serniqua Dougherty made this fantastical room a reality. While creating the extraordinary space and celebrating their anniversary, Baccarat has not lost sight of the spirit of the holiday season.   They are holding a silent auction of all Baccarat pieces in the space, with 20% of the proceeds benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).   With over $1 million worth of exquisite Baccarat pieces in the room, this auction can really help support the groundbreaking work of BCRF.

Final bids must be placed by December 10.

Winners will be announced on December 11.

Below are the auction lots followed by instructions for placing bids.

20 Settings of Mille Nuit/Harcourt/Zenith and Decorative Accessories
RETAIL $91,880
RESERVE: $72,942
Retail $175,000
Reserve 105,000
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.01.24 PM
Retail: $4,720 Each
Reserve $2832
Chairs Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.54.12 PM
$63,090 Each
$37,854 Reserve
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.10.57 PM
$30,000 Each
$18,000 Reserve
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.13.08 PM
Reserve $29,820
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.11.27 PM
Reserve $48,660
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.10.00 PM
Bids can be placed by visiting Holiday House NYC.
For Inquiries or Phone Bids please contact:
Serniqua Dougherty, Baccarat

The Art of Holiday House

We have been inspired by the exquisite art that designers incorporate into their Holiday House NYC designs.  As Holiday House alum Ellie Cullman says, “Art is the heart and soul of any interior.”

This year, Holiday House NYC features a Thursday night Art Lecture Series.  It kicked off last Thursday, November 20, with “Art & Design: An Essential Synergy” featuring renowned designers Ellie Cullman, Sandra Nunnerley, Eric Cohler with moderator Kipton Cronkite.

Kipton Cronkite, Sandra Nunnerley, Eric Cohler and Ellie Cullman at Holiday House.

It was standing room only for this first lecture, where Eric Cohler told the audience, “Art informs everything I do. It’s like air and water. It sustains me,” and Sandra Nunnerley advised, “See, see, see. The eye is a muscle and you must constantly train it!”

Visit our events page for details on the upcoming art lectures.

Another exciting edition to this year’s event is a sale of many artworks in the house with a portion of proceeds benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  This sale includes pieces from masters such as Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning as well as work from emerging artists with extremely affordable prices points.

Designer Justin Shaulis features several of the notable works in his art themed space, which transports you out of the NYC cold and takes you “Gallery Hopping in Miami.”

Designer Justin Shaulis in his "Gallery Hopping in Miami" space. Photo by Alan Barry.
Designer Justin Shaulis in his “Gallery Hopping in Miami” space. Photo by Alan Barry.

A small selection of art from our sale is below, and the full list can be downloaded here or viewed by scanning this code onto your smart phone:

QRCode Final

Visit us us at Holiday House NYC, 2 East 63rd Street, until December 21 to see these extraordinary pieces in person.

de kooning_dekooning
Willem de Kooning, Untitled, Late 1960s, oil on paper laid down on canvas. Price upon request.
Warhol Mick Jagger
Andy Warhol, “Mick Jagger #142,” 1975, edition 1750/250, signed. $50,000.
Le Sacre Coeur under the Snow
Robert Savary, “Le Sacre Coeur under the Snow, Paris,” oil on canvas. $19,800.
island Carborundum & Silver (Night and Day)
Catherine Howe, “Carborundum and Silver Painting (Night and Day),” 2014, acrylic, encaustic, metal leaf, carborundum, gesso, on canvas. $4,800.
Sidney Guberman, acrylic paint on shaped canvas, 20th Century by HKFA. Price upon request.
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.17.07 PM
Alejandro Diaz, “Future Site of Expensive Painting,” 2012, white neon on clear plexi, edition: 5 + 2TP. $13,000.
holding breast
Robert Farber, “Holding Breasts,” infused dyes into 90% recycled aluminum. Price upon request.
Natsuko Hattori - Last Message (1)
Natsuko Hattori, “Last Message,” fabric and cotton on canvas. $6,000.
Rich-Of Song and Blossom I
Michael Rich (represented by Old Spouter Gallery, Nantucket), “Of Song and Blossom,” 2013, oil and wax on canvas. $17,500.
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.33.38 AM
Nathaniel Galka, Untitled (B), oil & mixed media on canvas. $5,200.
Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.20.54 PM
Peter Demos, Untitled 4, 2012, gloss and matte acryclic on dyed canvas. Restoration Hardware Contemporary Art. $8,000.
Dineen Art
Eva Buchmuller. Untitled. 2014. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 89″x 50″approx. $18,000
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.27.13 PM
“ORO blocks,” 7″ x 7″ 9 pieces, wood with 12k gold interior. $5000
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.27.31 PM
Kerri Rosenthal, oil on canvas, $4,500.
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.17.22 PM
Erin Lynn Welsh, “The Light in Your Verse, 2014, $4,800. **All proceeds to BCRF**

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Summer lovin’ happened so fast.”

We can’t believe the summer is almost over, but we are savoring the last precious trips to the beach and the feeling of sun on our faces.

We are also feeling gratitude for everyone who helped make the 2nd Annual Holiday House Hamptons such a big success, especially Watchcase and Cape Advisors, who housed us and allowed us to extend our show house through Labor Day, and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, our partner from the beginning.

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors and donors and especially to the incredibly talented designers who showcased so many creative ways for celebrating summer style in the Hamptons.

Here are a few highlights from Hamptons Cottages & Gardens beautiful coverage of the show house.  More can be seen on their website Hamptons Cottages & Gardens.


West Chin Architects and Interior Designers “Summer Love” inspired living room & Bjornen design’s adjoining “Seahorse Country” study. Photo Courtesy: Rikki Snyder Photography


Dancing crabs in Elizabeth Dow’s “Celebration of Summer” second floor study. Photo Courtesy: Jenny Gardner
“Dressing room for the Mrs.” designed by Studio MRS brings a clean and simple feel to a second level bedroom. Photo courtesy: Rikki Snyder Photography
Jen Going Interiors “Summer Soltice,” gives the bungalow bedroom a tropical vibe. Photo courtesy: Jenny Gardner

We hope you will come see these stunning rooms in person before the show house closes on September 1.   As much as we hate to say good-bye to summer, we have exciting plans for the 8th annual Holiday House NYC, opening November 20.


Alfresco Living

Gardening is an integral part of the summer in the Hamptons, where local farmers markets overflow with luscious fruits, vegetables and flowers, and Hamptonites take pride in their gardens where they love to entertain. In creating outdoor living spaces for Holiday House Hamptons, several of this summer’s designers were inspired by the verdant farms and gardens out east.

Designers Ani Antreasyan, Milly de Cabrol,  and Dale Cohen each realized their own unique visions for the perfect outdoor living space. On the terrace of a factory loft, Ani Antreasyan and Milly de Cabrol collaborated on an environment that includes bountiful olive trees and eye-catching blooms in many hues. A blue and white rug from Custom Cool  anchors the space, making it seem more like an outdoor living room than a terrace, and connects it to the blue of the surrounding harbor.  A rustic table and chairs from Mecox Home and Gardens is an invitation for dining alfresco.

Mecox Home and Gardens dining set located on the factory loft terrace by Ani Antreasyan and Milly de Cabrol at Holiday House Hamptons 2014 Photography by Paul Domzal at Edge Media

One of our favorite pieces on this terrace is the pink gardening table. The pop of color is the perfect touch to raise awareness for our outstanding cause, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation ® and their iconic pink ribbon.

Custom Cool Rug’s blue and white carpet and Mecox Home and Gardens pink table featured at the factory loft by Ani Antreasyan and Milly de Cabrol at Holiday House Hamptons 2014 Photography by Paul Domzal at Edge Media

For the townhouse aspect of this year’s show house, Dale Cohen of dale cohen designstudio offered a clean, modern take on outdoor living.  The white lounge chairs by Sifas and big umbrella by Hildreth’s Patio create a chic spot for appetizers and drinks all summer long.  Planters of herbs, lavender and bay leaves, provided by The Laurel Group, bring fragrant and beautiful elements of the garden to this sleek townhouse terrace.

Holiday House Hamptons 2014 - Dale Cohen Design Studio
Dale Cohen of dale cohen designstudio’s luxurious outdoor terrace featured in the townhouse at Holiday House Hamptons 2014 Photography by Paul Domzal at Edge Media

Dale incorporates fabulous amenities into her terrace design. The premium bar, pizza oven/ grill  by  Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet,  putting green,  and mini bocce court make this outdoor oasis the perfect spot for some  R&R, Hamptons style.

Holiday House Hamptons 2014 - Dale Cohen Design Studio
Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet artisan grill and pizza oven featured by Dale Cohen of dale cohen designstudio at Holiday House Hamptons 2014 Photography by Paul Domzal at Edge Media

This summer, the natural world  has a huge influence on the interior design. Campion Platt’s whimsical bedroom is the most striking example, with de Gournay wallpaper of over-sized lilies that hang overhead like a sweet dream.

Holiday House Hamptons 2014 - Campion Platt
Spring Awakening Factory Loft Master Bedroom by Campion Platt At Holiday House 2014 Photography by Paul Domzal at Edge Media

Holiday House Hamptons is now open through September 1 at the Watchcase at 15 Church Street in Sag Harbor.  Click here for directions.


Kalamazoo’s Outdoor Gourmet Grill Cherry Peach Pale Ale Beer Cocktail


  • 2 ounces Cherry and Peach Infused Gin (recipe follows)
  • 2 ounces cashew fruit juice
  • 16 ounces Bell’s Pale Ale

Preparations Combine the gin and cashew fruit juice in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Strain into tall glasses and top with pale ale. Cherry and Peach Infused Gin Ingredients

  • 1 pound fresh cherries, pitted and stemmed
  • 1 pound fresh peaches, pitted and stemmed
  • 750 ml gin (Distiller’s Gin No. 11)

Preparations Combine all ingredients in a glass container or containers. Cover tightly and store in a dark place for 3 days. Strain out the peaches and cherries, returning the infused gin to the original bottle.   Kalamazoo’s Outdoor Gourmet Supreme Pizza


  • 1 10-ounce ball Artisan Fire Pizza Dough
  • 2 ounces Oven-roasted Pizza Sauce
  • Pecorino Romano cheese
  • 1 ounce smoked low-moisture mozzarella, cut into ½-inch cubes
  • 1 ounce scamorza cheese, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
  • 6 small pickled Italian cherry peppers, stemmed, seeded and cut up
  • 6 black olives, pitted and halved
  • 1 crimini mushroom, stemmed, halved and sliced
  • 1/4 fresh poblano chile, stemmed, seeded and thinly-sliced
  • 1 thin slice of red onion, broken into individual rings and cut
  • 4 ounces Italian sausage, casings removed, and cooked in clumps (I cook them in a cast iron skillet in the pizza oven)
  • 1 ounce pepperoni or uncured salami, sliced and cut into wide strips

Preparations for cooking on Artisan Fire Pizza Oven Preheat the oven with the upper and lower burner controls set to HIGH for 35 minutes. Turn the lower burner control to LOW before cooking your first pizza. Your total cooking time should be 2 to 3 minutes. Note: you can begin cooking in as little as 20 minutes, but your total cooking time will increase to as much as 5 minutes. Form an 11-inch dough ball to roughly a 12-inch pizza crust. It is helpful to let the dough rest at room temperature for about an hour before forming it. I prefer to form the dough and assemble the pizza on a lightly floured work surface, then slide the pizza peel underneath it. This works well if you have a perforated pizza peel. The less time the dough spends on the peel, the less likely it is to stick. Transfer it immediately to the cooking deck in the oven.   The edge of the pie near the fire will cook the most quickly. Rotate the pizza a quarter turn as the crust near the fire reaches your desired color, about every 30 seconds. Check the bottom of the dough at every turn to evaluate the color. If the bottom of the dough reaches the desired cooking point, insert a pizza screen under the pizza to keep the crust from browning further. I like the bottom of my pizza to be golden brown with a smattering of black, caramelized accents. If you do find yourself using the screen, you may wish to switch to using a Tipo 00 Italian flour in your dough recipe. This flour, traditionally used in Neapolitan pizza, has a much higher burning point than conventional flour.   Remove and serve when the perimeter is golden brown and beginning to blister.