Beautiful Inside and Out

Beautiful Inside and Out

In honor of International Women’s Day this weekend, we are celebrating some of the women who inspire us.

For Holiday House NYC 2014, founder Iris Dankner enlisted celebrity portrait photographer Francis Hills to take a series of stunning nude photographs of breast cancer survivors, which became the “Heart of the House” exhibition in the event’s center courtyard.

Photographer Francis Hills (right) poses with the beautiful and brave Clothing Immaterial models.

These new images are part of Hills’ decade long “Clothing Immaterial” project for which he has compiled hundreds of images of men and women, often models, actors and other celebrities, who have bared all in order to “raise their hand” in support of breast cancer awareness.

HH-Portraits copy
View of the “Heart of the House” exhibit.

The series for Holiday House NYC is a special part of this project because all of the women are breast cancer survivors. They are mothers, artists, businesswomen, activists, who all have their own personal experience with the disease.

It was a powerful experience for them to show and celebrate their bodies in front of the lights and camera. Hills said of the women, “They are all incredibly brave and incredibly beautiful. The scars are really only surface. It’s what inside that counts. I tried to allow them to be themselves in front of the camera and to show them how incredibly beautiful they are.”

During the 2014 showhouse, Champagne Joy, one the gorgeous “Clothing Immaterial” models, held a party to celebrate the exhibit and her #Cancerland initiative, which is both a television documentary and a breast cancer charity that creates a support group of survivors to make sure that other women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer do not feel alone as they navigate treatment and life with the disease.

Michelle Schoenfeld and Champagne Joy with Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson and a group photo of some of the models.

All proceeds from Holiday House benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and another primary objective of the showhouse has also always been to raise awareness about the disease and build support for survivors and their loved ones.

“To me, the exhibition was really about hope and strength. Breast cancer is no longer a death sentence. The “Heart of the House” showed women that after fighting cancer, you don’t just survive– you thrive!” said Iris Dankner.

Sponsor ibuydesign created this video of the #Cancerland party and it really shows the spirit the showhouse and the “Heart of the House” as well.