Awards Season

Awards Season

February is synonymous with awards season, and we were glued to our TVs to watch all the red carpet glamor and spectacular performances at the 54th Grammy Awards. Some of our favorites were Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston, and Adele’s breathtaking Rolling in the Deep.

Holiday House 2010 featured a dazzling Grammy celebration room by designer Jolie Korek.

Photographs by Ted Astor.

Jolie’s rock star Grammy room featured a shag rug, electric guitar, and sparkling geometric shapes in the fabric from Romo.

Platinum records and portraits of musicians finished off the room.

This Sunday is another awards show deserving of a glitzy viewing party: the Oscars. At Holiday House 2011, Deb Landis designed the perfect ”Night at the Oscars” media room, complete with a 130 inch screen from Audio Command Systems.

Photographs by Mark Kiely.

Deb based her design on a chic Hollywood party,  and the room evokes a sense of old world Hollywood charm, with varying shades of light shimmery gray in the rug from Stark Carpet, to a dark charcoal couch from Weiman furniture.

Life size vintage black and white posters of famous actors and actresses also added to the glamor of the room.

Different sensual textures, such as a silk carpet, long mohair fabric on the sofa, and shiny glass beads on the pillows were used.

A touch of gold and sparkle were added with the Oscar sconces and coffee table and fireplace accessories from Interlude Home.

If you’re planning on hosting your own Oscar watching party, you can easily add in some decorative gold tableware and accessories. Happy viewing!